The International Lutheran-Episcopal Society

supporting grass roots conversation with a global perspective

  (the United States branch of the Anglican-Lutheran Society)

It is our mission to foster grass roots
communication with a global perspective.
Our focus is building Christian Unity through
sharing stories about who we are as
people of faith living out that faith in today's

Our parent group, the Anglican Lutheran Society, was founded in England ( by a pastor and a priest who wanted to get to know more about one another.  Now, we have chapters in England, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the United States. We also have members in India, Africa, Estonia, Russia, and Canada.

Join in the

Anyone, regardless of religious affiliation can join our society.  We are happy to welcome all supporters of ecumenism! 

Please wander around our site.  Get to know a little about us.  If what we offer appeals to you, please join us. We welcome any suggestions you might have. We always need more voices in our conversation!

Questions? e-mail us at our NEW EMAIL ADDRESS   mailto: